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Dagerpoint Charity Tandem Skydive

DangerPoint is a fully accessible, interactive, safety education centre based in Talacre, North Wales. Our Mission Statement is “To educate children and young people in safety awareness in order to reduce the incidents of accidental deaths and injury and promote health, wellbeing and community safety”.

The unique and innovative centre empowers people to identify risks and make safer choices through interactive educational tours. The tours are delivered by our experienced Rangers in a variety of life-like environments, including home, fire, digital, water and transport safety. The centre is designed similar to a film set with zones used to deliver a range of safety and life-skill messages dependant on the requirements and abilities of our visitors.

Through our hands-on educative tours we aim to have a long term beneficial impact upon all visitors. Our guided tours can be provided through the medium of Welsh or English with up-to-date safety information and resources delivered by fully trained Rangers. Each tour is designed to suit the needs of the group visiting, including all key stages.

Being the only safety centre in North Wales, DangerPoint provide a unique service to help keep the local and wider community safer and more engaged with emerging trends and developments in society as a whole. DangerPoint has helped improve safety awareness and behaviours in over 80,000 children in the eleven years since opening.

  • Deposit payable by fundraiser and minimum money to raise: £70 payable by fundraiser and minimum money to raise £380

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Telephone:Lorna Langton on 01745 850414

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