Charity Skydive

Charity Skydive

Tandem skydiving for charity

Do something out of the ordinary and jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane. A Charity Skydive is the most popular way of experiencing our sport. You can jump for whatever charity you wish.

If you would like to jump for one of our associated charities, they set the rules regarding how much money has to be raised if you are planning on jumping for "free". The minimum amount of money to be raised could be anything from £395. Normally this involves a £70 deposit and the balance for the skydive being paid on the day of your jump. If you have a shortfall in the minimum amount of sponsor money to jump for free, you can make up the difference yourself.

If the charity is not associated with us, you may have to contact their fundraising department and tell them of your plans and they will give you guidance on how to proceed.

You may want to raise money for a local event or for a friend in need. In this case, you just book your skydive and start fundraising. We have a generic sponsor form here.

Gift Aid. Add an extra 25% to your donations for free.

Check out our Tandem Skydiving page for more information.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Fundraising has been made a lot easier with social media to spread the word of you fundraising intentions.

  • Donors can donate online via Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving, Every Click to name but a few. If you are a tax payer, you can "Gift Aid" your donation which means your donation is increased by 25% or more. Every £10 you donate, the charity gets an extra £2.50 making it £12.50. Higher taxpayers potentially get more money donated.

    Click here to see some online charity fundraising websites. It is worth looking here. These services all take some commission, some more than others so choose wisely.

  • Don't forget to ask your close friends and family to donate.
  • Your workplace may be able to help you with your fundraising. Sometimes by matching any donations made.
  • Inform your local press of your intensions with an article with a good title and engaging content.
  • Setup a link to you fundraising page in the footer of your emails.

Tandem skydiving for charity

The cost of a Tandem Skydive for one of our charity partners is discounted.

Register your charity with us here and become a charity partner.

Call us on 01948 841111 if you would like to jump for one of the charities below.

To jump for free (Taking your costs out of the funds raised). Check out the links below for more information.

If you wish to participate by skydiving for charity in one of these events please call us on 01948 841111 or contact them direct by using the email address below.

Charity Skydive Events

Charity Date of event Contact Email
Hospice of the good Shpherd 10th March 2018
St Lukes Hospice 10th March 15th September 2018
Birmigham St Mary's Hospice 14th April 2018
Alzheimers Research UK 22nd September 2018 Alzheimers Researchuk contact page
Donna Louise Childrens Hospice 5th and 26th May 2018
Hope House Children's Hospices 19th May 2018
John Taylor Hospice 16th June 2018
New Life Foundation for Disabled Children 29th June 2018
Rossendale Trust 30th June 2018
Stoke City FC Community Trust 14th April 4th August 2018
Claire House Hospice 23rd June 29th September 2018

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