Static Line Parachute Course

Solo Static Line Parachute Course

The Solo Static Line Parachute Courses are run on Saturdays and are tailored so you jump the same day, weather and conditions permitting.

The course includes at least 6 hours of intensive training where you learn the basics of skydiving. You will learn how the parachute you will jump works and also various bits of safety equipment used for the jump. You will learn what are malfunctions and what are snags (Not malfunctions). You will learn how to deal with each scenario given to you whether it is a malfunction or a snag. You will learn how to fly the parachute and how to land it safely.

You will leave the aircraft from around 3,200'. The ram-air canopy is activated automatically by static line as you fall away from the aircraft. Test your judgement by guiding the parachute wing to the landing area, landing like an expert.

Solo Static Line Parachute Training

Check availability by calling 01948 841111 and speak to a member of the club.

This course is the prerequisite for learning to skydive. It is still very popular as a "one off" jump and is popular for raising money for charities. The Static Line Training Course is our preferred method of becoming a qualified skydiver. Once you have completed your first parachute jump, you can come back with a little help from our friendly parachute instructors guide to you through the Category System to become a qualified skydiver.

The Static Line course will take a minimum of 16 jumps to qualify "A" License, Accelerated FreeFall Course will take a minimum of 18 jumps and the Static Line Course is pay as you go!!

After you have completed your first parachute jump, you will have a debrief with your instructor and presented with a Solo Certificate of Merit, a magazine which will inform you about our sport and an special offer more jumps at a special rate.

Courses are run on Saturdays as required from 8 a.m. Call 01948 841111 for availability.

How to book your Solo Static Line Experience

Prerequisites for the Solo Parachute Training Course

Parachutists need a reasonable standard of physical fitness and must not be overweight in relation to their height. Please note that the minimum age for parachuting is 16 and the maximum age is 55. Anyone under 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Please read forms Form 115c - Solo Student Parachutist Medical Information and Form 115d - Solo Student Parachutist Request for Medical Advice.

We must have the completed consent/medical form prior to commencing the training course.

The MAXIMUM weight is 14.5 stones (92 kg.) for Static Line Solo Jump Course and that has to be relative to your height of over 6 feet. The Minimum Height is 5 feet 2 inches and at least 8 stone. If you are unsure please call the club on 01948 841111.

Here is a rough guide to the upper weight limits relative to height

Height Feet/Metres Weight Stone/Kg
5' 2" or 1.57m Minimum 59kg up to 68kg or Min 8st 7 up to 10st 9
5' 3" or 1.60m no more than 70kg or 11st 1
5' 4" or 1.63m no more than 73kg or 11st 7
5' 5" or 1.65m no more than 75kg or 11st 10
5' 6" or 1.68m no more than 78kg or 12st 3
5' 7" or 1.70m no more than 80kg or 12st 7
5' 8" or 1.73m no more than 82kg or 12st 13
5' 9" or 1.75m no more than 84kg or 13st 5
5' 10" or 1.78m no more than 87kg or 13st 10
5' 11" or 1.80m no more than 89kg or 14st
6' or more or 1.83m or more no more than 92kg or 14st 7 Max

Solo Static Line Parachute Training Course Prices

The cost of your skydive experience will be £200**. This price includes your flight only ticket invoiced separately at £100*.

Group Disounts

We offer the following discounts for tandem and solo static line training courses - SATURDAY ONLY.

Up to 5 jumpers - £10 per person discount.

Up to 10 jumpers - £20 per person discount

If you have a group of more than 10 people, please call the office on 01948 841111

Discounts start from 2 people.

Check Availability/Book Online

Skydiving beyond the basics

After you have completed your first Jump, you can train to be a skydiver by learning and progressing through the British Parachute Association Category System.

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