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Skydive for The Gingerbread Centre


Homelessness is something that anybody could experience. It doesn’t discriminate. There are many causes.

Under the current circumstances, there is a real chance of a significant increase in homelessness as unemployment rises. It is believed that one in three people are only one paycheque from being homeless, only being able to pay their rent or mortgage for a month if they lost their job (Shelter).

The impact of homelessness on families and children, in particular, can be significant. Imagine collecting your children from school and telling them they can’t go home, to the garden they love, to the pet they love.

It’s important that the support services are in place when needed.

The Gingerbread Centre provides counseling, support, advice, and help in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, and surrounding counties to homeless families who are in need, hardship, or distress.

We provide short-term, supported accommodation to parents and children from vulnerable families and single pregnant women.

Our aim is to prevent homelessness and to enable independence for the vulnerable through the provision of safe shelter and tailored support.

We don’t just provide a roof, we give respect, empowerment, guidance, stability, and success.

It costs around £850,000 a year to provide the services that we give to homeless families and we are dependent on support from local businesses, groups, and individuals.

If you would like to skydive to help raise funds for us, please contact Chris Belyavin on 01782 973491 or email: fundraising@gingerbreadcentre.co.uk