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Skydive For Nature’s SAFE

Why jump for us ?

It’s never been easier to act for Nature. 

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You can Jump and become one of our Fundraising Heroes!

Nature’s SAFE is one of Europe’s largest living biobanks for preserving endangered animal species, and home to some of the planet’s most precious natural resources right here in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


Nature’s SAFE began its work in late 2020, and acts as an insurance policy to preserve rare, and threatened animals, so they can be protected for generations to come.


Currently, 100 animal species are lost each day to extinction, and as the last few species die, their genetic blueprint is removed forever from our planet. Nature’s SAFE partners with accredited zoos (including Chester Zoo) to collect and process tissue and reproductive cell samples from threatened and endangered species, storing them in an indefinitely cryopreserved living state.  Once thawed, these stored living cells can be used in assisted reproductive technologies to maintain genetic diversity in the species gene pool, and to regenerate species. 

We know if we don’t act now to build a safeguard for the future, it will be too late.

 Help us to Save Animals From Extinction 

Contact: office@natures-safe.com

To skydive for free for Nature’s SAFE, a minimum of £400 has to be raised in sponsorship money. An up-front deposit of £70 is required to be paid by you to reserve your jump. You are responsible for fundraising – but we are keen to help via social media and Just Giving. Contact us today!