Skydive for Twins Trust

Twins Trust Charity Skydive

After losing a twin, triplet, or more, know you have support. The Twins Trust Bereavement Service offers resources and guidance to help you navigate your grief journey. Find comfort and connect with others who understand. We’re here for you.

About the Event 

Leave your worries behind and soar above the clouds! Experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving at Tilstock Freefall Club, reaching speeds of up to 125mph. It’s more than just a jump, it’s an unforgettable adventure that will ignite your senses and leave you feeling exhilarated and empowered. Celebrate a milestone, conquer a fear, or simply challenge yourself to something extraordinary. Join the thrill, fly solo, or share the experience with loved ones. Tandem jumps and solo jumps available for individuals and groups.

Non-refundable deposit: £50  
Sponsorship: £395+

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