Meet the Team at Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club

Ben Instructor of the year

Meet the Tilstock Team

 🤩 Hey everyone, we are starting to introduce our amazing team here at Skydive Tilstock so you can all see some of the people that work here and know a little more of what to expect when you arrive.

First up is Ben!
What can we say about Ben?
Well, he’s an awesome guy with a big energy but he’s also a passionate tandem instructor.
Ben became an instructor after wanting to be a base jumper but decided to try a skydive first and fell in love the sport.
After a few more tandems, Ben started his journey to become a tandem instructor as he wanted to show other people how amazing jumping is.
Fast forward 11 years and Ben not only mastered this but also learnt how to wingsuit and how to pack reserve parachutes. 🪂
You can see Ben in the photos below taking out Sarah who jumped here last week.
Sarah absolutely loved it and is coming back this year to train to become a skydiver 🤩
What’s next for Ben?
Bens next ambition is to become an AFF instructor.
This stands for accelerated free fall and it means that Ben will be able to train people to become professional skydivers and jump out of a plane all by themselves.
We can’t wait for Ben to do this!
Some stats:
– 2881 skydives
– 11 years experience
– 45 hours free fall
– owns one very cute dog called Stellar ❤️
– loves the colour pink
Ben says everyone should try skydiving, as it is a once in a lifetime experience and it really does change how you view the world… makes you see how small you are.
If you’d like the chance to jump with Ben or even train to be a skydiver in your own right, please contact us on:
01948 841111 or skydive@skydivetilstock.co.uk
Why not leave a comment or photo for Ben below, maybe you’ve jumped with him already?


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