Women’s Weekender Event 28-30 June 2024

Womens Weekend

Calling all the women!

This year marks our third female UK skydiving event, where Tilly hosts a bunch of amazing women skydivers who coach, inspire, and lead sessions to help improve the skills, confidence and abilities of other women in the sport. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to skydiving, have had a big break away from it or have already achieved loads. It’s about women being together, learning from each other, having fun whilst also being able to get help with any anxieties about any facet of skydiving (or life frankly!) in a supportive and chilled environment. Want to try free flying? We’ve got it covered. Want to learn some accuracy skills? We can sort that. We try and have female representation of all disciplines and jobs available in the sport. You can quiz any of our coaches about what life is like in their skillset.

It doesn’t matter whether you come with friends or not – you will undoubtedly make knew ones. We pride ourselves on Tilly being a super friendly place to jump at and the Women’s Event is no exception to this. We love meeting new people, and we believe so strongly in encouraging women to get the best out of skydiving that they can. We face a lot of barriers to be able to do the sport we love, from being able to earn enough money to support our hobby, to having others to care for, to also being more likely to lack confidence or feel impostor syndrome. We recognise that and for this weekend we try and level the playing field. Need a creche? We’ll sort it. Need some extra help to feel secure to try something new? That’s what we are here for. We have a lot of fun while we’re at it, there’s a lot of laughter over the course of the weekend, not least because the lifts don’t smell of farts! There’s a lot of joy, there’s probably some crying, followed by hugging. We jump the Friday and Saturday, Saturday evening we get the food in, music on and let our hair down. Sunday we share knowledge through a few key presentations on subjects that women skydivers want to hear about. Yoga sessions kick off each morning to get us in the zone! This event is for you and you are most welcome.

The team this year consists of:

Sara Jane Orton, our takeover CI with her insane skillset which include but is not limited to (we don’t have enough space to list it all!) IE/AI/PR/CI

Mary Barratt CF/PR     

Laura Bamford TI/FF/TR

Vic and Becs Bradley AFF/FS

Reka Szots FF/TR

Freya Lees AFF/TI/FS

Cara Pritchard AFF/FS

Kate Lindsley FS

Suzie Whitehurst CSI/FS

We will cover rigging, packing, tracking, free flying, formation skydiving, AFF, CSI and tandems. Plus crew and accuracy.

We are women, watch us roar!

For even more info about why we do it and what we’ve done, click these links:

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