Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club

Tandem Skydiving and Solo Parachute Training

Tandem Skydiving

Jump from a plane with an instructor and experience the thrill of freefall.

Prices from £200

Tandem Skydiving

Jump from a plane with an instructor and experience the thrill of freefall.

Prices from £200

Charity Tandem Skydiving

Jump out of a plane and raise money for a good cause! Charity tandem skydiving is a thrilling way to make a difference.

Charity Tandem Skydiving

Jump out of a plane and raise money for a good cause! Charity tandem skydiving is a thrilling way to make a difference.

Learn to Skydive

Static line: Traditional skydiving training with automatic parachute deployment.
AFF: Fast-track to solo skydiving with expert instruction.

Prices from £200

Learn to Skydive

Static line: Traditional skydiving training with automatic parachute deployment.

AFF: Fast-track to solo skydiving with expert instruction.

Prices from £200

Skydiving in the Midlands and Northwest. Located near the Welsh border, south of Whitchurch in Shropshire, and located between Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club offers Tandem and Solo Skydiving experiences to the public. This is the oldest continually-operating civilian skydiving location in England – skydiving has been taking place at Tilstock Airfield since 1964. 

Our parachute club is located 3 miles south of Whitchurch in Shropshire. Located on the A41 less than a mile south of the truckstops which are by the A49/A41 junction.


Charity Skydiving

Every year, Skydive Tilstock passionately works alongside numerous charitable organisations throughout the region, hosting charity tandem skydiving events to raise crucial funds for those in need. We pride ourselves on our close partnerships with local affiliated charities and invite you to join us in supporting these worthy causes, or select a charity close to your own heart that you would like to support.

Safety and Customer Service​

At our smallskydiving club, safety is always our top priority. We take great care in adhering to the highest standards and regulations set by British Skydiving, so that you can feel completely secure when jumping with us. Our team of skydiving instructors is made up of highly experienced professionals, with over 20,000 jumps and decades of knowledge between them. We are proud to offer you the confidence and reassurance you need to enjoy the thrill of skydiving to the fullest. Read on for reviews from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

Skydive Gift Voucher

Skydiving vouchers are an amazing gift for adventure enthusiasts. They’re valid for a year, giving the recipient ample time to plan their experience. Ideal for thrill-seekers, daredevils, and anyone who loves excitement, this experience lasts a lifetime. The vouchers allow recipients to choose the perfect time and place to skydive, making it perfect for any occasion. Flights are available at various locations, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Treat a friend or loved one by gifting them a skydiving voucher and add some excitement to their life.

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More Than Just a Thrill Ride

Skydiving isn’t just a rush of adrenaline – it’s a complete sensory overload. Imagine this: you’re strapped to an experienced instructor, hurtling towards the earth at mind-blowing speeds. The wind roars in your ears, the world shrinks below, and for a moment, you’re truly free.

It’s more than just a roller coaster drop or a bridge’s fleeting thrill. It’s a rush of exhilaration, a moment of pure freedom, and a breathtaking panorama spread out beneath you. And if you capture it on video, you get to relive the magic, plus see the awestruck look on your own face!

So, skip the comparisons to amusement park rides. Skydiving is a league of its own, an experience that leaves you breathless and wanting more.

Skydive Tilstock Takes Your Jumps to New Heights with the Arrival of the Cessna 208!

Get ready to experience adrenaline like never before! Skydive Tilstock is proud to announce the addition of a game-changing aircraft to our fleet: the Cessna 208, ready to take you soaring up to 13,000 feet.

This powerful turboprop plane isn’t just about reaching new altitudes, it’s about redefining the skydiving experience.

C208 Grand Caravan

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Some of our customer reviews

  • star rating  Tandem skydive - This was amazing my instructor hans was amazing i was so excited and he made my whole experience amazing it was the best thing and i would recommend to anyone... read more

    avatar thumb G3462DEericas

    star rating  First time charity tandem skydive  - I completed a tandem skydive for charity today. My instructor was Hans he made me feel so at ease as did the camera lady. The whole experience was amazing, it... read more

    avatar thumb amo s

    star rating  Amazing tandem skydive  - I did my tandem skydive here today (27th May), and I had the most amazing experience. All the staff are so friendly and the instructors are so good and really... read more

    avatar thumb Alicia J

    star rating  Amazing experience  - Wow sums this experience up, amazing, loved, I was very nervous but once at the plane those nerves turned to excitement. Big shout out to Jim my instructor, he... read more

    avatar thumb 42antheaa
  • star rating  Experience of a Lifetime  - My 2nd tandem and my experience was just as fantastic as the first. Both completed for a charity in memory of loved ones. My instructor was amazing and ensured everything... read more

    avatar thumb Nikki B

    star rating  Great experience and friendly staff.  - I did a tandem skydive here at the beginning of May and had a fantastic experience.
    I had to wait pretty much all day to do my jump (was meant... read more

    avatar thumb Worldtravel1992

    star rating  40th Birthday Present - I have an amazing time doing a tandem skydive for my birthday and would do it again. The feeling was so out of this world. I had to wait for... read more

    avatar thumb Gemma F

    star rating  An amazing experience  - What an amazing experience. The whole team were amazing and very professional.
    When we arrived there was a weather hold but everyone kept you updated with what was going... read more

    avatar thumb emmavictoria0904
  • star rating  Fantastic experience  - Absolutely amazing day, my son had a fantastic experience and will be back sometime in the near future. The team are amazing and talked them through what was going on... read more

    avatar thumb Marie L

    star rating  Amazing  - Absolutely amazing experience all the staff are fantastic. Each sky diver instructor made everyone feel at ease not just the person who was tandom with them . Think it’s the... read more

    avatar thumb Ktrz85

    star rating  Great experience 4/5  - Lovely people and great atmosphere, incredible experience too! Only disappointing thing was I put down for photos and videos but they only did photos. Even though they did refund the... read more

    avatar thumb OnAir31770410987

    star rating  Amazing Skydive. - What a fantastic day Skydiving! From start to finish brilliant. Great staff and facilities. My instructor, Jim was superb and along with video from Wilco a perfect package. If you’re... read more

    avatar thumb Sherpa826458
  • star rating  Sky dive 11th may  - On Saturday I did a sky dive and raised lots of money for sands charity , upon arrival to Tilstock free fall club everyone was so welcoming and lovely! I... read more

    avatar thumb Leah E

    star rating  Best time ever!! Thanks Jim & Buzz  - I had an absolutely amazing time today! It was my first tandem skydive and I will be back for more! I was in the safest hands with my instructor Jim... read more

    avatar thumb Gareth T

    star rating  Tandem Skydive  - Amazing day weather perfect. Staff made you feel at ease , unbelievable experience highly recommended .
    Hans was amazing .

    avatar thumb Annah41449

    star rating  Epic  - Brilliant from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor ( the guy with the dreadlocks) fantastic guy!! Will definitely be back 😀

    avatar thumb Joanne H
  • star rating  Midland Air Ambulance Charity SkyDive  - We took to the skies in aid of Midlands Air Ambulance to raise money! And wow what an experience, Tilstock SkyDive were amazing from the moment we arrived and until... read more

    avatar thumb Clayton M

    star rating  Unbelievable experience! Everyone should do this! - Brilliant experience from start to finish. Very professional staff, friendly and highly skilled & experienced, I was put at ease right from arrival and throughout the sky dive. ... read more

    avatar thumb Debra B

    star rating  A day to remember  - Absolutely amazing experience, Ed was so patient and made me feel reassured.

    Before the experience I would have bet I'd back out!!

    Thank you all!!!

    avatar thumb claire2day

    star rating  Skydive 2024  - Amazing experience, staff were really helpful and also amazing at what they do Training was so straight forward and the staff made it really easy to understand.

    avatar thumb Chelsie H

For the sixth year running, we are the only skydiving club in the UK (possibly in the world) to offset the carbon generated by our aircraft during a skydive.

This makes all our jumps carbon neutral.

It is with great honor and privilege that we provide support to Nature’s SAFE. This remarkable organization plays a crucial role in preserving the world’s valuable natural resources and providing refuge to some of the most endangered species on the planet. Located in Whitchurch, Shropshire, Nature’s SAFE stands as one of Europe’s largest and most significant living biobanks dedicated to the protection of our planet for generations to come.
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