Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the questions you may ask us. Please call us on
01948 841111 if you need help.

2006 June and July were our best ever months for weather and 2007 were our worst months. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather and there is no set patern. If the weather isn’t suitable the jump will get rescheduled to another day.
Strictly speaking, you don’t. You can take your costs out of the funds raised.
The cost of the skydive can be taken out of the funds raised and the rest goes to the charity of your choice. The amount you have to raise is up to the charity.

If you have set up a Just Giving or similar account, all the money goes directly to the charity.
If you want to take your costs out of the funds raised, you will have to agree to do this with the charity before proceeding, or collect some of the sponsored money by cash using the old conventional sponsor form.
Either way whoever is sponsoring you needs to know that you are taking part of the proceeds to pay for the jump. You can either approach the charity in question for a sponsor form or we can print
this generic sponsor form

A video service is provided for Tandem jumps. Please contact us on 01948 841111 for details.

Tandem Skydive

We allocate arrival times throughout the day to check in. It is important that you arrive on time. After you have completed the essential paperwork, a Tandem Instructor will spend about 20 minutes giving you relevant training. If you are late, it could have a knock-on effect by extending the scheduled jump time. The Tandem Instructor has a very tight schedule that includes jumping, briefing and packing his parachute for the next jump. Other factors that could potentially affect the scheduled jump time include, change in weather, coordinating a videographer, the plane and numerous other things.

Static Line Solo Course

The course starts at 8:00 AM and lasts for about 8 hours. Your jump will be made on the same day as your training, weather permitting, usually between 5:00 pm and sunset.

There are many variables we must deal with to provide a safe skydiving environment. Sometimes circumstances may change unpredictably; necessitating last-minute changes to the jump schedule.

Therefore we can never guarantee that anyone will definitely jump at a given time.

What if I am late?

Arrive on time or even be early

If you are here to do a Tandem Skydive and you arrive late, you may put the jump times behind schedule and also lose your time slot and be put back in the queue.

If you are here to do the Solo Static Line Course, you will lose your deposit and the course will carry on without you. If you have any doubts on how to get to us. Call us.

What do I do when I get there?

All students have to sign in at the reception area. This is located in the left portion of the building. A member of staff will note your arrival and process the relevant paperwork as necessary.

You can bring spectators. We have a spectator area, clubhouse and canteen/cafe picnic area.
Yes. There is cafe providing an excellent selection of hot and cold food and drinks.
All spectators should stay away from the aircraft at all times. Students, when it is time, are to stay close to their Instructor, who will guide them safely to the aircraft. Always approach the aircraft from the rear. Never approach the aircraft from the front. Do not touch the propeller.

All fees are non-refundable.

Smoking is permitted in certain outside areas and prohibited in others.
Parachutes are made of nylon and burn easily.
The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the airfield whilst parachuting is in progress.
We will not jump in unsafe weather conditions.
You can never rely on the weather forecast entirely. If the weatherman says it will be partly cloudy, it also means it is partly sunny.
Also “Cloudy” doesn’t indicate how high the cloud is. If the cloud base is 10,000 feet, then both Tandem and Static Lines can jump.
If the cloud base is only 4000 feet, then only Static Line Students can jump and not the Tandems. If the weather is too bad to jump,
(too windy, low cloud, rain), unfortunately, we will have to reschedule you, but be aware that one moment the weather may look hopeless and the next it might be jumpable.
The call is yours. The weather is one thing we cannot control.

Wear loose none-restricting clothing suitable for the season and flat shoes/trainers on your feet thatwon’tt fall off in freefall.

Do not wear boots or jeans.

Goggles will be supplied that fit over glasses and contact lenses.

Please Don’t! Active airfields are not suitable for pets.