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Why Do We Cancel Your Skydive

We appreciate that it is very frustrating when we have to cancel your skydive, especially if it’s not the first time we have done it, this page will hopefully help you to understand why we have done.

Unsuitable Weather

This is the biggest reason for cancelling your skydive, our governing body British Skydiving dictates what conditions are suitable for skydiving and if the conditions are in excess of those we are allowed we cannot jump.

So what are our weather limits for skydiving?

Wind – We can jump in ground winds of up to 20knt (23mph) however we also need to make sure the winds higher up are also suitable, so if the winds at 1000ft are in excess of 20kts or those at 2000ft are in excess of 25knts we would not be jumping either.

Clouds – We need to be able to see where we are when we jump, so lots of clouds at lower altitudes 1000ft – 6000ft mean it is less likely that we will be able to skydive, also if we have lots of towering clouds or a significant risk of icing on the aircraft it may be unsuitable for flying, let alone skydiving.

Rain – Skydiving through the occasional very light shower is not unheard of, but it isn’t pleasant and we try to avoid it, but the general rule of thumb is, if it’s raining, we’re not jumping.

Please remember that unless you live very close to the airfield, the weather where you are can be very different to the weather here, so even if it’s clear blue skies when you look out of the window, it could still be raining cats and dogs here. 

Aircraft Issues

Our aircraft is scrupulously maintained, however, it is a complex piece of equipment and there are occasions when we need to send it away for unscheduled maintenance. Whilst we will always try to source an alternative aircraft, planes equipped and cleared for skydiving are not easy to locate at short notice, so we may not be able to get one.


Whatever the reason for cancelling your skydive you can be assured that we have only done so because it was the only option, your booking will remain open and you have a month from the date of your skydive to re-book, the new date can be at any time in the future we just ask that you let us know your chosen date within that month.

For example

Your skydive was booked for the 1st of June, you have until the 1st of July to choose a new date, that date can be any time that we have availability, even after the 1st of July, you just need to let us know the new date by the 1st of July.

You can see our availability on our website using the link below, you cannot re-book through this link, either email us at skydiv@skydivetilstock.co.uk or call the office on 01948 841111 and tell us the new date:

Tandem Skydive Availability