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Skydive for Action Bladder Cancer UK




Who we are and what we do

Bladder cancer is not a rare cancer. 

It is the 7th most common cancer in the UK – the 4th most common cancer in men.

Over 10,700 people in the UK are diagnosed each year and about half of those diagnosed will die – over 5,200 people each year.  Bladder cancer has the highest recurrence rate of any known cancer – up to 80%.  It can affect all ages, both men and women.  Diagnosis can often be late, particularly in women.

Despite this, there is very limited public awareness of the disease and it is a low public health priority, with little research investment.

Bladder cancer is the only top 10 cancer where rates of prognosis are getting worse.  It is the most expensive cancer for the NHS to treat (costing £65million annually) yet it only got 0.6% (in 2013-2014) of dedicated research funding.

These facts are what drive our work at Action Bladder Cancer UK.

ABC UK is dedicated to changing these statistics – and to helping people understand more about bladder cancer.

 Working for bladder cancer patients by:

  • Raising awareness
  • Supporting patients
  • Improving outcomes
  • Encouraging and supporting research

Our Vision

We want bladder cancer to be recognised as a common cancer and to receive the acknowledgement, level of public awareness, improvements in treatments and medical research investment which it merits and which those with bladder cancer deserve.  We want bladder cancer patients to have a voice and the support they and their families require.

Skydive for us!

Help us to raise funds by doing something incredible – a sponsored skydive! By taking part in a Skydive for Action Bladder Cancer UK, you are helping to fund an important fight against a killer cancer.

Registered as a charity no: 1164374

Deposit payable by fundraiser and minimum amount to raise

£70 deposit. Minimum fundraising target, including deposit £395