Skydive for Newlife Charity

New Life Charity

Disabled children have been at the heart of the charity since 1991. Since that time we have become, through our work, the specialists for special children. Their needs and the needs of their families and carers, their health and their voices are all central to the work of the charity. Thankfully more babies and children survive conditions, accidents, infections and cancers, we see more children live through these experiences and therefore widened our remit to include all children with significant disabilities. However as a result many go on to face both short term and enduring disability. Others will live with their life expectance limited, while tragically others children become terminally ill. Newlife exists to respond to all these children with care, professionalism and determination and to provide informed support to their families and carers. Enquiries to Rebecca Brooks A minimum of £460 to be raised which includes £70 deposit to reserve your skydive.