Skydive for Round Table Childrens Wish

Round Table Children’s Wish: Making Wishes Shine Brighter

Who We Are

Round Table Children’s Wish is a registered charity that brings magic to the lives of seriously ill children. We grant wishes for young people facing life-threatening illnesses across Britain and Ireland.

More Than Just a Wish

Our mission goes beyond simply granting wishes. We take a supportive and caring approach throughout the entire process, ensuring every detail is tailored to the unique needs of each child and their family.

Wishes as Unique as the Children Themselves

We believe in the power of handcrafted wishes. Every wish we grant is designed specifically for the child, considering their individual dreams, personality, and family situation.

Ready to Hear More Wishes Come True?

Read on to discover how we create unforgettable wishes and how you can be a part of making them happen!


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