Skydive for St John Ambulance Cymru

St John Ambulance Cymru is the first aid charity for Wales. Established in 1918, our mission is to save lives and enhance the health and wellbeing of Welsh communities. Supported by nearly 2,800 volunteers, we deliver frontline services and vital support to our emergency services when they need us most.


Our services across Wales include: 


First Aid and Health and Safety Training: We deliver over 30 different first aid courses, including Mental Health First Aid plus many more subjects in other specialised fields. Our Workplace Training Team trained more than 8,000 delegates last year, while our Community Trainers shared invaluable skills in schools and community groups with 13,923 people across the country.


Patient Transport: We made 24,188 hospital transport patient journeys last year covering 785,178 miles and our Falls Assistants helped more than 12,000 people who had fallen and needed help.


First Aid and Emergency Response: We provided first aid cover for more than 1,400 large and community-led events last year. We also support wider resilience across Wales, including extreme weather deployments and supporting in rest centres during major Incidents. Last year our volunteers gave 59,425 hours of their time to help keep the people of Wales safe.


Children and Young People: By the end of last year, we had over 300 Badgers and 850 Cadets learning first aid and other invaluable life skills across 30+ Badger Setts and 80+ Cadet Divisions pan Wales. All our programmes teach valuable skills in first aid, communication, leadership, co-operation and forming foundational values in citizenship, compassion, and empathy. They are the perfect springboard for our health care professionals of the future such as paramedics or nurses.


  • Deposit payable by the fundraiser and minimum money to raise: £50 deposit by fundraiser for a minimum sponsorship of £400, or self-funded by fundraiser for a sponsorship total of their choice.
St Johnn Ambulance Cymru Skydiving