Skydive for The Boparan Charitable Trust

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We are a UK based National Children’s charity, which helps those with disabilities, life-limiting conditions or are in extreme poverty. Set up in 2009, we have undergone a massive transformation, priding ourselves on being one of the country’s most efficient charities, with less than 5% of every £1 raised, used for administration. Our streamlined application process means that once fully completed applications are received, they are individually reviewed within a 14 day period by our specialist board and Trustees, allowing us to reach out to those children most in need of our help and support. Every family receives a personalised response from the Trust following the outcome of its review. One thing for certain the Boparan Charitable Trust might be a relatively young charity but with its efficiencies and big heart, we hope to make a difference to children’s lives in the UK. Enquiries to or tel: 0121 214 9373 Deposit (£70) and minimum money to raise – £349 includes deposit