Skydive for The Peter Pan Centre


The Peter Pan Centre is a registered charity, and here at the Centre we offer care, support and education to children with special needs from birth to 5 years old. Special needs can range from visual and hearing impairments right through to chromosomal abnormalities to life threatening conditions. It is our role to ensure that each child, when they are ready, moves onto the next step of their education with confidence and the necessary life skills to succeed. We are here to make sure that every child with special needs has the best possible start in life. We currently look after around 50 children and their families, and have a waiting list of anything up to 36. To run at current capacity we must fundraise £250,000 each year, where we receive no additional government funding. We simply cannot maintain our vital care without the generosity of the local community and businesses help. Enquiries to fundraising@thepeterpancentre.co.uk or telephone: 01782 715219 A minimum of £349 to be raised. Includes £70 deposit.
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