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Skydiving near Liverpool

Skydive near Liverpool.

You can see Liverpool and the River Mersey from the plane climbing up to 10000 feet. Our small friendly skydiving club is based near Whitchurch, North Shropshire. We offer Tandem Skydiving and Solo Parachuting to the public.

Tandem skydiving is where you are attached to a qualified instructor and skydive from up to 10000 feet or about 2 miles up. He takes control of the essential functions. Knowing you are in safe hands, you can enjoy the skydive.

We are proud of our reputation and have a 5-star rating, according to our customers on TripAdvisor and Google  (You can see some of the reviews in the footer). We arrange charity skydiving events for Claire House Hospice and Halton Haven.  Skydiving Prices start from £200.

The near skydiving to Liverpool


Tandem Skydiving near Liverpool
Tandem Skydiving near Liverpool Information
Static Line Parachute Jump
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We have skydive videographers who can record the whole skydiving experience, digitally, and kept as a keepsake on a USB memory stick from £100.

Our club has a spectator area and café making your stay with us relaxed and comfortable.