Weight Limits

Our Skydive Weight Limits

Weight restrictions are imposed for safety reason and the tables below are our guidelines. Please call us on 01948 841111 if you are not sure about them.

Height  Weight  
5 feetor 1.52mno more than 67kgor 10st 7
5′ 1″or 1.55mno more than 69kgor 10st 12
5′ 2″or 1.57mno more than 71kgor 11st 2
5′ 3″or 1.60mno more than 74kgor 11st 8
5′ 4″or 1.63mno more than 76kgor 12st
5′ 5″or 1.65mno more than 78kgor 12st 4
5′ 6″or 1.68mno more than 81kgor 12st 10
5′ 7″or 1.70mno more than 83kgor 13st
5′ 8″or 1.73mno more than 85kgor 13st 6
5′ 9″or 1.75mno more than 88kgor 13st 12
5′ 10″or 1.78mno more than 90kgor 14st 3
5′ 11″or 1.80mno more than 92kgor 14st 7
6′ or moreor 1.80m or moreno more than 95kgor 15st