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The Osborne Trust is the only national charity dedicated to supporting the children of a parent going through a cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, cancer recurrence, living with incurable cancer, a death of a parent from cancer & beyond. The Trust has been specifically set up to offer emotional and practical support to children aged 18 years and younger of a parent diagnosed with cancer. For these children, it is providing the opportunity to bring some normality back into their lives, for others it provides some respite from what they see when Mum/Dad is undergoing cancer treatment. But for all, at what is such a hard time for these kids, our support reduces their feelings of isolation, lift spirits, bring families together & be the reason the kids smile.

We support:

1)    Children & Young People whose parent has a cancer diagnosis.

2)    Children & Young People whose parent is undergoing cancer treatment.

3)    Children & Young People whose parent has a cancer recurrence.

4)    Children & Young People whose parent is living with incurable cancer.

5)    Children & Young People whose parent has died from cancer.

6)    Children & Young People beyond a parent’s cancer diagnosis or death from cancer.

What we do:

 Emotional Support

The Trust’s emotional support provides children with packages full of resources to help children during their parent’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

 Practical Support

Our practical support funds up to 3 local activities for children to enjoy as respite from all that a cancer diagnosis brings into the family home.

Together Time

We aim to bring families together through activities to reduce their feelings of isolation during a parent’s cancer to show children they are not the only ones this happens to.

Peer to Peer Support

Our Trust Goes Outdoors Programmes focuses on bringing you people aged 11-18 years together through a range of outdoors based activities

Bereavement & Beyond Support

In the event of a death of Mum or Dad, we continue to support the children and the surviving partner through our Together Time, Trust Goes Outdoors Programme, support packs and linking up with other charities that can provide dedicated counselling support for the family.

Deposit payable: To skydive for the Trust, a minimum of £500 has to be raised in sponsorship/donations (includes £60 deposit)

Facebook- www.Facebook.com/TheOsbroneTrust

X (Twitter).   – www.twitter.com/OsborneTrust

Instagram- www.instagram.com/OsborneTrust14

Skydive for Osborne Trust
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